Stainless Steel Breast Collar Martingale Center Plate

$7.32 - $8.66
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We know the difference quality hardware can make in the beauty and value of your leather projects, so we are proud to offer these breast collar martingales from the Horse Shoe Brand line of goods by Jeremiah Watt.  


      • Detailed artistry
      • Smooth and comfortable for the horse
      • The angles of the slots or bars are the most consistent matches to the shoulder angle on most horses
      • All the slots have been made wider so that when the leather is put in place, it can float or move freely
      • The bars over which the leather is placed are totally round so that the leather does not wear prematurely
      • Considerable weight has been removed without sacrificing the strength
      • Stainless steel 
      • Priced per piece

*Slots fit up to 1-1/4" each side and 1" center (bottom)

 * Available in plain, floral or floral with black accents