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Cull Fancy Headstall Cheek Leather Blanks (pair)

Bar C Saddlery

$6.00 - $8.00
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Build your own headstall with these Fancy style headstall cheek tack blanks using our economical 'Culls'.  These are blanks that were cut from the same high quality sides we use for our premium blanks but these didn't make the grade for our premium blanks due to grain irregularities, scars, discolorations and/or small nicks on the edges of the blanks. Some don't fit within our normal order parameters such as Hermann Oak blanks that measure only 7/8oz rather than 8/9 or 9/10 or standard that measures 6/7 rather than 7/8 etc.   

These die cut blanks still give you the opportunity be be more efficient and productive with clean edges and consistent products.  These can replace the noseband on a 1" standard horse halter or be used for building your own.  These nose band tack blanks are perfect for association awards, gifts and personalization; put your horse's name or your ranch brand or a message for a special someone.

*We will do our best to match color & weight for these pairs

  • See our matching Fancy Browband Blanks or Fancy Single Ear Blanks to complete your headstall
  •  Economical option

  • Great for Awards
  • Listing includes (2) pieces of die cut leather - CHEEKS ONLY

  • Hermann Oak option is 100% USA product - made from domestic hides tanned in US, cut and shipped from US
  • See our hardware selection - Cheeks take 3/4" buckle