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Cull Slobber Strap Blanks

Bar C Saddlery

$5.00 - $7.50
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These didn't make the grade for our premium blanks due to grain irregularities, scars, discolorations and/or small nicks on the edges of the blanks. Some don't fit within our normal order parameters such as Hermann Oak blanks that measure only 7/8oz rather than 8/9 or 9/10 or standard that measures 6/7 rather than 7/8 etc.  

 These die cut blanks still give you the opportunity remain efficient and provide beautiful tack & gear at a more economical cost.




Die cut for consistency and clean lines, these slobber strap blanks will help you increase productivity while maintaining quality. Typically used with Mecate or loop reins.


Measure 14" total length (approx 7" folded)

Approx 2" wide at widest point and 1-3/8" at fold.  

Sold in pairs